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I judge a place by it’s water. As in, does it taste good? Or not at all? Because water shouldn’t really have a taste. I mean it’s water. So when your water has a flavor, that’s weird. Like sulphur, or in the case of Arkansas, dish soap. It made even the fountain drinks here taste funny. Carbonation and loads of sugar couldn’t fix it.

So once I stopped drinking Arkansas-based beverages, I got down to exploring and found quite a few fun spots.

First up I found an old fire engine, just hanging out on the side of the road (I think this was still around Tunica, MS now that I think about it.). It looked as if someone just had it out on a joy ride, pulled over in a field and said to themselves, “Yep, that’s a good spot for that.” And left it there years ago.

Tunica Fire Engine

Exploring The Barn

I was driving down some little two-lane road when I noticed this old mill or processing shed/barn thing. And there were no signs saying I couldn’t have a look, so I had a look. Click them to get the bigger version.

And as I’m headed back to the Runner, a truck pulls in. Now, bear in mind, I am in the farmlands of back-country Arkansas. There’s a bike hanging off the back of my ride, I’m walking around camera-in-hand, and looking, well, like I look. So here’s another opportunity to practice the old, “Hey there, you should be totally cool with me being on your property taking pictures” thing.

The whale of a truck lumbers around some marker flags and finally lurches to a stop just as I am getting to the Runner. The door opens, and out spills a very jangly fella wearing a smirk. Great.

“Hey man, you taking a sh!t back there?” he fires off with a chuckle. Thankfully, he was just making a delivery and thought he’d give me a hard time. I smile and rattle off some version of “Hey, this place is cool. I couldn’t resist having a look,” and promptly jump in the Runner to avoid being more memorable than necessary.

A Thing For Bridges

I have a thing for bridges. Especially ones that look like they are way over-engineered. I found this super cross-braced fella spanning some scummy looking river in Arkansas, just hanging out over the water. This was taken while driving, so I’m pretty happy with the result from a quick snap through the windshield.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Arkansas Wins Most Bizarre Walmart Award

Hands down, the Walmart I stopped at in Don’tKnowWhere’sVille, AR, last night takes the cake for the most “Uh… Yes, I did just see that”s. From Friday night social gatherings in the parking lot, to small town high school antics, they had it covered. Oh, and a cat wandering the parking lot.

Upon waking, I decided I had had enough of the Nasty Water State and crawled back into the driver’s seat and hit the road. Texarcana, here I come!