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Right now, I am sitting out under the stars on top of a hill in a little place called Kerrville, Texas. I’ve spent the day making real friends out of internet friends, swapping stories about guitars, inventing things, and chatting about how much we all love the Great Smoky Mountains.


Mr. Gene Fuller

Mr. Gene Fuller – Photo Credit: Unknown


When I’d set out on this little adventure, this is exactly the sort of day I’d hoped to have.

I’m going to recap today in list form:

  • Woke up to a wonderful, uncommonly cool day in Texas.
  • Ate donuts while locals discussed the merits of reading and living the whole Bible.
  • Finally met “Texas Guitar Man” Gene Fuller and his wife Cora Jean in person.
  • Ate lunch and spent most of the day with them and their super friendly neighbors Ty and Michelle.
  • Dinner at Schlotzsky’s where I was issued a personal challenge by the cashier, wherein if I finished the large sandwich I ordered, she would bestow upon me the victor’s reward of free cookies.
  • Dominated above challenge.
  • Explored beautiful Kerrville by sunset.
  • Set up camp at the lovely Fuller homestead. (Pics and video hopefully. What a place!)
  • Sitting in the fold-up camp chair I’ve been hauling around for the first time since I went nomad.
  • Realized having a chair can make anyplace feel 184% more like awesome.
  • Drank Dr. Pepper (made with real sugar!) under the stars and wrote to all of you.

Top Of The Hill Days

I don’t have days like this every day. Often they are quiet lonely days exploring the world around me and trying to figure out what to do with myself once daylight fades. (Imagine having to find a different place to park and sleep nearly every night.)

But it’s days like today that make you want to keep riding the road less traveled, and it is these very same days that make me appreciate the people I have in my life. If I talk to you while I’m on the road, that’s you. You are awesome, important to me, and I miss you. That said, I’ll have plenty of stories the next time we talk.

So from that guy on a hill in Texas sitting in a camp chair typing away under the stars, goodnight.