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For Adventures!

We get to do life once. Is it going to be an interesting story?

This is what happened when a friend asked me, “What’s stopping you from taking to the road?” Nothing. Nothing was stopping me. I’ve moved out of the house and into the great wide open (and a rather full Toyota 4 Runner). These are the real adventures of a guy named Nate, and the wonderful cast of characters he meets. Come along for the ride, won’t you?

The Legend of The White Guitar

A stolen guitar finds it’s way back home to Texas.



Photos from here, there, and everywhere. Maybe even a little video.


Art and Music

Music, drawings, and other fun things.


The Latest Adventures

Tales from the road and interesting things along the way.

Arkansas Tastes Funny

I judge a place by it's water. As in, does it taste good? Or not at all? Because water shouldn't really have a taste. I mean it's water. So when your water has a flavor, that's weird. Like sulphur, or in the case of Arkansas, dish soap. It made even the fountain...

Blindside – Black Rose (Cover)

There are these guys from Sweden who make the rock and roll that I like. They are called Blindside. And while they're generally on the more bombastic side of things, occasionally they get all acoustic on me and even that's cool. Take for instance the song Black Rose:...